If you’ve thought about offering training, then you may have gone through your mental checklist of students at your studio who may be interested in training. Maybe some have approached you with the question. My one recommendation?
Expand your checklist!
I offer trainings as a ‘visiting teacher’. I don’t own a studio and don’t have a connection with students at the studios I teach at like the regularly scheduled teachers do. In my experience, however, as many as 3/4 of the trainees are NOT regular students at the studio. Yes, 75% of them practice their regular classes elsewhere! 
What does that mean? It means your potential teacher trainee base is much larger than you think. There are a lot of yoga students out there who enjoy their ‘regular studio’ for classes, but for many reasons, can’t or prefer not to take training there. Just as there are a myriad of reasons people decide to take yoga teacher training, there are a myriad of reasons your training will fit their needs and wants, too. You’d be amazed at the reasons people decide my training fits their needs: scheduling, time of year, price, my training’s focus…the list goes on.
The important thing to remember is that your base of potential trainees is much larger than you may at first think. This is good news, not only for your teacher training, but for your studio in general!
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