Everywhere! (Does that surprise you?!)
Okay, we can narrow it down a bit…
Most of your marketing and advertising will be online. It’s how people search and research, it’s how people who aren’t students at your studio will find out about you. It will extend your reach.
Social Media: Marketing through your social media channels is the first (and possibly least expensive) channel to consider. Not only are there many channel options: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., there are a variety of ways to educate your market through blog posts. We’ll get to more specifics on this in my ‘How” post.
Your email list: So, many of the people on your email list will also be following you on social media. However, not everyone sees every post or every email, so communicating both ways helps spread the word and educate even better.
In-studio: Of course! Educating your current student base about your training is common sense, right? You’ll want posters and flyers available at your studio to remind students every time they come in to class about what you’ve got scheduled. You will wantg more posted for this than what you may do for one-day workshops. You can also announce training after classes. Sometimes, just talking about it gives students an opening to ask you questions about training. 
Because I’m a visiting teacher at the studios I teach training, I also host at least 3 free Information Sessions in the months prior to training. If training starts in January, the Information Sessions are in October, November and December, one in each month. They are 1-hour long with 30 minutes of yoga practice (so they can get an idea of how I teach.) and 30 minutes of Question/Answer. I review the general outline of training and the topics we’ll be covering. Students can meet other potential trainees and ask me any questions about training that they like. Some people love these, others sign up just based on an email or call they’ve had with me. I’m always very open that I’ll talk with them or email to answer as many questions as they have! 
Other local businesses: A lot of times, those flyers you are putting up in your studio can be posted at businesses that you have a relationship with. They might be the local health food store or even the retail shop next door. Some posting locations will be more effective than others and I never spend too much time on these. If I think of it or have a good rapport with someone, I’ll ask to post a flyer, but I don’t spend hours out doing this. I use to, but quite frankly, online marketing works far better!
Next up: When to start marketing your training
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