So, you’ve decided to offer teacher training at your studio. When should you start your marketing? Now!
Once you’ve made your decision, it is never too early to start putting the word out about what you are offering. An average sale (of any product or service) takes 5+ points of contact. That means that students, on average, need to see your offer or hear from you at least 5 times before they will decide to sign up for training. This does NOT mean pressure sales…no way!
What it does mean is that you’ll need to start announcing it in your Facebook feed, start posting posters/flyers at your studio and begin to put it in your newsletter and on your website. You’ll need to start talking about it and certainly, the sooner, the better. You’ll need to start making people aware of it! Teach them about what you are offering.
Depending on your students and your studio, announcing it 4-6 months before your training starts is a good timeline. And just after you kick-off training, start talking about dates for your next session. Momentum builds. It also gives those who didn’t sign up this time around a chance to start planning for your next session.
A general guideline is to start 6 months in advance of your first training date. You may start by announcing dates on your site, a poster or flyer in-store and posting the announcement in social media channels. Start any Google Adwords plans at this time, too. Be sure you are also quoting your pricing and have your payment links available to anyone who is an early committer!
At 4-5 months out, start scheduling Information Sessions if you plan to have those. Increase mentions and add some blog posts about training. If you started with lower Google Adwords budget, review which keywords are getting attention, adjust your keywords accordingly and consider increasing your budget. Even if it’s a small increase, based on that initial keyword feedback, it will help you.
At 3 months out, start holding your Information Sessions, keep up with posts and in-studio announcements and signage. 
Throughout your promotion, be sure to be available to answer questions and prep your teachers/staff to answer questions as well.
You will likely get a bump in interest at various times in your promotion cycle, usually right after an announcement or post. 
Layout your budget and plan before you start and go!
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