I bet the first thing that came to your mind was…’Julie, I’m marketing yoga teacher training, pay attention!’
I do have trouble with that attention thing sometimes, but not in this case.
Yes, you are marketing yoga teacher training, but just like expanding the students you are marketing to, you’ll expand your thinking here too.
As I mentioned earlier, people take yoga teacher training for all sorts of reasons. Sure, most take it because they want to teach yoga, however, as yoga matures in our local markets, the reasons people take training will broaden too.
While the product you are offering is the same, the REASON students take it will be as varied as the students themselves. Straight up, some will take it to teach classes at their local studio. Some, however, are taking it simply to deepen their practice and have no intention of teaching classes. 
Others may want to use yoga in conjunction with their other ‘day job’. For instance, nurses or physical therapists. Perhaps Seniors caretakers. Or a sports coach who wants to add yoga to the team training regimen.
Speaking of day jobs, there are other benefits to taking yoga teacher training that not everyone will realize right away, two of which are increased comfort with public speaking and developing leadership skills.
What now?
I’ve written before about some of the surprising benefits of teaching yoga. One thing that teaching yoga – and taking training – will do for you is to give you lots of practice in public speaking, you know, speaking in front of a crowd aka yoga class. Think about it, when preparing to teach a class, you need to put some thought into the outline of what you’ll cover, maybe take some notes and even bring those notes to class. Then, when students start to arrive, you greet them, take note of how many students you have, what the energy of the group is and then get started with your ‘presentation’. As a teacher, you may start near your ‘podium’ aka mat and then as the class progresses, you’ll be walking around, guiding students into postures – interacting with your class. You’ve likely heard that people are more afraid of speaking in public than almost ANY other activity. Teacher training – and teaching yoga – gives you lots of practice at speaking and interacting. It’s something everyone can take back into their every day activities…like that day  job!
Leaderships skills. When I was in teacher training, my trainer spoke a number of times about how as a teacher, you are seen as a leader in the eyes of your students. It’s true. How many of you have had students come up after class and ask you questions about yoga or some other topic? In yoga class, the teacher is the leader and that leadership impression extends beyond the classroom for students. Part of being a leader is getting accustomed to being seen as a leader. Gaining that experience and practice in an environment where you are doing something you love and helping yoga students is so much more fun and easy than anywhere else I can think of! Not only do your students see you as a leader, but the studio owner or gym manager also see the teacher as the leader of the class. The teacher is the person who is representing the entire business to the students (customers!)
As with all the reasons why you would offer teacher training at your studio, the skills training teaches are endless! 
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