There are about as many ways to structure yoga teacher training as there are yoga teachers!

Finding the right combination of days/times and a training location will depend on a variety of factors. If you own a studio, your studio’s already-established schedule may shape when you hold training. If your Saturday schedule is jam-packed with classes and workshops and you have limited additional space for group meetings, you may need to reconsider Saturday meeting times. OR – if Saturdays are a must, you can alter your regular Saturday classes during training sessions or find an alternate space for your group to meet.

The right combination of days/times will also vary based on your location and your student demographics. And your selection of days/times will affect who can take your training.
Some schools offer different types of sessions at different times. One year, the sessions may be daytime sessions and the next, weekend sessions. Offering a session made mostly of weekends and occasional weekday evenings is also an option.

In addition, consider who will be teaching which pieces of training. If it’s just you, then your schedule is the only one you need to work around! If you plan to have other teachers involved in training, you’ll consider their schedules and availability as well. Get your next step here…

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