Adding yoga teacher training at your studio and to your skill set expands your business and your teaching skills. It’s a wonderful way to grow your studio or teaching revenue and a rewarding way to share yoga at a deeper level with trainees.
 It is a time commitment though! Regardless of whether or not you decide to become a registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance (RYS 200), running a teacher training is a new skill set which will take some practice to develop (just like learning to teaching a class), it takes time to prepare for training (planning!) and the actual time you spend with trainees is longer and more in-depth than for your regular classes.

I don’t say any of this to scare you away! The world needs well-trained yoga teachers and some of you will find it a very rewarding teaching path. I say these things to prepare you for the extra time it takes to prepare and run a training and so that you are an informed and well-prepared trainer.

Read on (Step 2) to learn more about the different phases of prep, from setting up time/space logistics to marketing to planning the materials you’ll use for your training sessions.

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