Posture Lab Worksheets

There are two workbook versions, a Trainer version and a Student version.

Each workbook contains 50 postures.

There is one posture per page and on each posture page is a picture of the posture along with spaces for:

  • English and Sanskrit name of the posture
  • Teaching verbiage: how a teacher would talk students through a posture.
  • Modifications and Contraindications
  • Benefits: Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Sequencing guidance 
  • Related Chakra

The Trainer version is completely filled out for each item listed above and is used as a guide in training students the postures. The Student version is blank (except for the image of the posture and the English name).

These workbooks are the basis of the Posture Labs and cover foundation postures so students can learn to teach the postures.

Learn more about the 50 Postures and How-To Bonus.

Learn more about the 50 Postures and How-To Bonus.

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