In this series, we’re talking ‘how-to’s for your training. This video is on using journaling at your yoga teacher training and my hope is that it gives you inspiration, ideas and perhaps direction on using journaling in your training sessions.


Journaling is one of my favorite activities at training! It gives students time to reflect on the ideas being presented in training and helps them absorb and consider what the material means to them personally.

My goal is that they start thinking about the topics from their own perspective and about how they can use the information/topic in their own classes.

I use directed journaling, meaning that I give them a topic related to what we are discussing that day or that weekend in training. Then, I give them time to write.

  • How it works:
    • Every meeting, we practice yoga. Right after that practice, we journal.
    • I read the topic and/or quote and give them about 10 minutes to write. Sometimes, there are questions or a bit of discussion before they begin writing.
    • In my trainings, they do not share what they wrote. I want them to write what they think without feeling like they need to edit it because they’ll be sharing it with the class. Of course, if they decide to share some of their thoughts and ideas, they are welcome to.
    • In the workbook I offer as part of my package of training materials, there are pages formatted for this journaling in the student version and the actual journal topics in the trainer’s version.

While this is a simple exercise, students report that they really do enjoy journaling and that it is an important part of their training experience.

Listen in!

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