In this series, we’re talking ‘how-to’s for your training. These topics are inspired by my clients who have asked these types of questions as they either start their sessions OR as the have them underway and need clarification.

  • Creating a daily training agenda.

The goal is to give you some ideas for creating your training agenda AND the importance of having one in the first place!

Listen in!

A daily training agenda is a must-have! My advice is don’t learn this the hard way.

Training is much different than teaching your regular weekly class. You may have realized this by now, but you really get the sense of it when you start planning for an 8-hour day of content. Or, when you show up at training thinking you’ve got 8-hours of materials organized, ready to cover and you are done in 4…yikes!

Listen in as I talk about Base and Targeted training activities and slotting time for each activity.

Get my Yoga Trainers Roadmap, steps to take to get your training going!

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