My colleague, Karen Rider, a professional writer and yoga teacher, has written the following review of Mudras for Awakening The Energy Body Deck & Book Set by Alison DeNicola. I agree with her that this set would make a wonderful addition to a yoga teacher training session. The cards are colorful with easy to understand instructions and explanations.


Mudras for Awakening The Energy Body Deck & Book Set
is a wonderful tool for yoga teachers of all disciplines who want a simple way to introduce mudras in yoga class. The deck consists of 40 vibrantly illustrated cards—7 for the chakras and 33 for mudras chosen for their ability to focus energy and expand consciousness.


There are many ways to use Mudras for Awakening in your yoga class practice. I enjoy this approach:  After briefly introducing what a mudra is and why it can be an enhancement to yoga practice, I like to have a student draw a card from the deck. We then use that as the “mudra for the practice” and I encourage students to make this their “mudra of the day.” If a student is willing, I will ask them to read the information on the back of the card, or I will do that. Then, I incorporate that mudra into the asana practice, where appropriate. At the end of class, perhaps during savasana or just after, I re-read the Focus Statement that is on the back of the card as a way to remind the class of the meaning and relevance of that mudra for practice on and off the mat. Another way to use the deck is to plan a class sequence around the intention and focus of a particular mudra.


Author Alison DeNicola has created a beautiful set of cards accompanied by a booklet that goes deeper into the meaning and use of a given mudra. I will sometimes draw upon this information for my verbal cues, intention setting or final meditation in a yoga class. This deck is another useful addition to a student or teacher’s yoga library.


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