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Yoga Tree Consulting was created to support yoga studio businesses with relevant advice and products for training yoga teachers.
To start, you need a way to do that!

Putting together a 200-hour training on top of running your business can seem daunting. It’s tough to get started when there are so many things to keep up with in your business every day. These training materials are a head start on getting your program created.

Depending on your needs, you get up to 150 hours of training materials – organized according to Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour yoga teacher training requirements – to use AND edit as a base for creating your full 200-Hour program. The materials include a training manual, a workbook, Posture Lab worksheets, sample schedules, testing materials and more. Also included are a marketing calendar and a step-by-step guide to entering your training syllabus on Yoga Alliance’s website.

Coming from a background of owning a yoga studio, I understand how important it is to have a good mix of programs, classes and products to offer your students and to keep your business humming! One of the best things I did to support both my students’ interests and the financial health of my studio was to begin offering yoga teacher training. You can, too.

About me…

When I owned my studio, I had a love/hate relationship with it. Some days I loved teaching; other days, not so much. Some days I was excited to share with students; other days, I’d want to stay in the back room by myself! I wished I had more support. I really felt like a failure in those down times – because I couldn’t always make it flow, because I didn’t want to teach every day…wasn’t this supposed to be my dream job?!

Enough was enough when my business partner left. I had both a moment of panic and a moment of relief. Panic because – yikes! – it was all on me now. And relief because I could do it all my way. I made big changes – schedules, teaching, marketing, community building – the whole thing!

Once I made these changes, things started to ‘click’, programs started to draw more people, students were sticking around longer and a wonderful community was growing. Yay!

But – did I mention that my family is ‘corporate mobile’?? About this time, my husband’s work took us to another location. The good news? All the changes I’d made had created a really attractive investment for another teacher – who bought the studio within 3 weeks! I’m happy to say it’s still open and serving the students who love it! With the move, I decided that I could not commit to another studio and a lease. We may still be on the move again! I love yoga though, and decided the best way for me to stay involved was to offer my experiences and help to others who own studios. I believe that a bustling, thriving studio is everyone’s dream studio and I want to help as many people achieve that as I can.

Save Time ~ Add Revenue ~ Add Value…

Love your yoga studio business, ready to add yoga teacher training?

Training materials that address Yoga Alliance’s RYS 200 requirements.

Support in getting your training registered.

Marketing calendar and guidance to build your program’s student base.

See all the details…

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