Registering your school through Yoga Alliance (YA) is not required. There are many trainers out there who run fabulous schools without registering through YA. However, to register as an RYT 200 through YA, students do need to complete their training through an RYS 200. This registration may not be necessary in your area, but it is an internationally recognized standard and many students are interested in the designation.

In the previous post, I talked about following the YA Syllabus in putting your training plans together. If you do that, then you can register your program with YA.

In preparing for training, give yourself time to assemble your ideas and plans. Gather and organize your reference materials. Once you’ve done that, apply for your RYS 200!

In my experience, YA always asks clarification questions of applicants. Usually, hours have been mis-placed in their online syllabus tool or a module explanation is unclear. If you’ve done your homework, these questions are pretty easy to answer and remedy and once they’ve been answered, YA’s turn-around is pretty quick.

As with registering as a yoga teacher (RYT), there is a fee to register your school with YA and as with registering as a teacher, the first year/set-up fee is a bit more than the annual renewal (around $400). At this time of this article, the annual renewal for the RYS 200 is $200.

To qualify to register your school, you and any teachers you add to training need to meet YA’s registration requirements. There are many roles you can assign staff and teachers in your school, so check the YA site for the most updated requirements.


You made it! Need to re-read one of the steps? For your sample copy of the training materials, check the bottom of any post!

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