Whew! You are one busy trainer! You’ve decided to open a training, planned for space and timing, working your marketing, scheduling teachers…amazing!

Now…what, specifically are we doing at training? Details, details, details… 🙂

Everyone runs training a little differently and having some created and organized materials, including a training manual and workbook, may be the answer for you. I like using a manual and workbook to ensure I cover the information I find important and it (again) keeps me organized and on-track throughout training. The manual I use is also organized along the same outline as the YA Syllabus.

So, where can you start? If you intend to become a registered YA school, the RYS 200 syllabus is the place to start. In my trainings, I like to start the first session with a review of some of the ancient yogic texts, the 6 branches of yoga and the 8 limbs among other things. This initial look into where and how yoga came to be the practice we know today in the West gives students an eye-opening look at the rich history that is yoga. While some students are familiar with this history, most are not. At the same time, there’s not time in this training to completely cover it all! However, it does give students a place to start if they decide to delve into it deeper.

From there, my training follows the guidelines of the YA syllabus covering teaching methodologies and techniques, asanas, pranayama, meditation as well as yoga anatomy. The YA syllabus asks trainers to outline Learning Objectives for each section of training. And I share that Learning Objective reminder with trainees at the start of training: to train students how to teach yoga classes.

Yes, that’s why they signed up, but I share it as a reminder to them that my goal is to make the training practical for them. As we go through the sessions, I am always asking myself: “Does this help my students learn how to teach yoga?”

There are many books I’ve used over the years in training sessions. And just like my manual and workbook, I’ve adjusted the books I use based on personal preference and the ease with which I can use them in training. All personal preference! I still find all the materials I used in the past beneficial and most of them I reference as resources to my own manual, I just alter the ones we use during class. Currently in training, I use:


Ready for Step 7??

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